Existing Duo Dealer customer?

Selling through your resellers is a must. 

But it’s not enough to just recruit new resellers and hope they sell your products with the same passion that you do.

A successful dealer network requires good relationships, training and extensive knowledge related to the ins and outs of the buyer’s experience.  

Despite actively working in these areas, it is so hard to increase your sales.

Maybe you have tried paying for online ads that yield little to no sales in return, forcing you to take a step in another direction to rely on trade shows or magazines.

It would be awesome if those of us making equipment, tractors, boats, or other cool stuff that is just a little too big or too expensive, had the luxury of marketing like ordinary product companies. 

But alas, we have not always had it go our way. 

Truthfully speaking, selling your products indirectly doesn’t always work as well as it looks on paper.

It just doesn’t.

Imagine for a moment your customer visits your website and they choose exactly what they want. That final moment when they’re ready to buy, they are faced with the dreaded lead form.

Now your customer is waiting...

During this time, this customer could be shopping for your competitors products.

Your customer just wants to know how much it is and where to buy it, so why make it difficult for them?

That’s why Duo Dealer focuses on streamlining the way you sell indirectly.

It’s what we all need.

An e-commerce experience that keeps customers engaged and improves the collaboration between manufacturers and dealers is what companies dream of.  

An effective platform proven to increase your sales by empowering your entire dealer network.

A new way for you to get your products to your customers faster.  

The Duo Dealer way.

-Eric Raio